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Welcome to my Website!

I have some NEWS....

Over the last year or so, I have been writing WebNovels, available to reader serially and on a variety of Apps (e.g., WebNovel, Dreame, to name a few). I have found that experience to be productive, educational and fun, but it is time for me to re-engage with my traditional platforms and bring more books to you and to other readers.


I've signed with The Wild Rose Press. They are a well established publisher, home to many an author and dedicated to the craft.


My first book with them will be a sweet romance that I will tell you more about in a subsequent newsletter.


I hope you enjoy this ride with me! Stay tuned.


Meantime, check out what The Wild Rose Press is all about...

Wild Rose Press logo.jpg

The Wild Rose Press was founded in 2006 by RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders.  Both published authors, these women were disheartened by the way publishers treated authors.  They believed there should be a better, friendlier way to get books published. At this same time, publishing was just entering the digital world with ebooks.


Many small presses popped up around the same time believing that this type of publishing was low cost and easy to do.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Morris and Penders held their course, building their business and their author base.  They focused their attention not on the bottom line but rather on keeping a balance with author satisfaction and customer expectation – believing that creating a quality product and taking care of their authors was the only way to publish. Their mission was to create a “garden” where writers would grow. 


Over 500 authors and 3500 titles later this motto has proven to be solid.  When other small presses have come and gone, The Wild Rose Press has never wavered. It truly is a publishing house for authors, founded by authors with customer satisfaction being their number one priority.



CLICK HERE to read more about The Wild Rose Press.

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A Life Owed

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A paramedic saves a personal trainer's life and he sets out to save hers in return.

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My Workshops

In person:

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