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Donal Foley was born in a time when magic ruled the Earth. 

Gargoyles protected fairies from goblins. His family was a group of elite gargoyles who were assigned to protect a specific fairy. His father’s dereliction of that duty cursed his sons to become stone and wait.

Now reawakened in the twenty first century where no one believes in magic how is he going to convince his fairy that she is one and that she is in danger from a goblin? 

He must do that without falling in love with her. 

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(Stone Warriors Book 2)


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Protect the Vulnerable

The Stone Warriors have had that motto since their inception and their leader Finn takes it to heart when he realizes Hunterdon Custom’s newest customer, Colleen, is the victim of domestic abuse. Finn takes her in and the club protects her. While Finn doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, he still falls in love. Who will protect him from Colleen?




"Great read."

J. Armstrong: 

"Tender MC Romance"


"A lovely reading"

And if you missed Book 1...

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(Stone Warriors Book 1)

Protect the vulnerable.

It has been the Stone Warriors’ motto since their inception. When a single mother gets caught in the middle of a turf war, Gideon must protect Nellie and her son. Too bad he forgot to protect his heart. The first book in a new series featuring a gargoyle motorcycle club.

Sara Munoz


Emily Pennington: 

"Stone Warriors"


"Good story"

Marie's Tempting Reads: 

"Love these Stone Warriors"


"great read"


"Loved it!"

angeljoy :

"Stone Warriors MC"


"When the unexpected rolls in, be ready"






"Good book!"


"Interesting story with interesting characters."

Beve Warren:



"I would love to have a gargoyle of my own!"



And... in case you missed it any of my last series...

Stone Sentinel

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book Five)

$3.99 on Amazon

Control education, control the population.


Dani is a college professor who has spent her whole career debunking conspiracy theories. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s been a pawn for the goblins’ plan of world domination until she meets an actual supernatural creature.


Ben has made a living from conspiracy theories. Too bad he didn’t know how deep they went. Now his choice is to reveal himself to the world as a gargoyle or risk losing his fairy.

Deb from Oz:

" A fun read."

Emily Pennington:

"Dani and Ben's story."

Barbara A. Watts:

"Stone Sentinel. Very good short story"

Rene's Reads:

"This is about gargoyle shifters."


"Dani and Ben."


"The Coming Out."

Dorothy S.:

"Stonger Together."

Stone Watchman

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book Four)

 Available on Amazon for $3.99

Control the food, control the population.


A food scientist discovers an odd ingredient in food she is testing. Before she can let on about her findings, her lab is overrun with what seems like animal rights protestors. No animal testing is done at the facility making her suspicious. A bodyguard saves her life and she wonders if there is more to him than she thought possible in her scientific world. She prepares for her mind to be opened to many possibilities she never thought possible.

Lynne W. Moore:

"Fast Paced! Good Action!"

Irene Talbert:


Barbara  A. Watts:

"Stone Watchman, Great story."

Susan C. Roberts

"Interesting characters."

Liz Burke:

"Another Great Gargoyle Story."

Janet Cox:

"Open your mind."

Deb O.:


Customer Kristine:

"Fantastic Series"

Emily Pennington:

"Another Piece of the Puzzle."

A. Llew:

"This book is beyond good!"


"Great story."


"Interesting and entertaining."

Robin Adams:

"An unexpected romance."

Barbara James:



"Pete and Jenna."

Dorothy S.:

"Secrets Are Revealed."


"Accepting Destiny."

Sarah Milnthorpe:

"A sweet romance."


"World revealed."

Rene's Reads:

"Reluctant hero."

Stone Defender

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book Three)

Available on Amazon for $3.99 

Control the narrative, control the society.

When an actress discovers goblins have taken over the entertainment industry for nefarious purposes, she turns to a gargoyle to help her eradicate the industry. The gargoyle, despite not wanting ties to anyone, finds himself part of a team protecting the actress while finding her attractive.

Irene Talbert:


Janet Cox:

"A new career start."


"Wonderful paranormal romance."

Deb o:

"Great read."

A. Llew:

"Awesome story."

Customer Kristine:

" Gargoyles in Uniform book 3."

Emily Pennington:

"An Amazing Series!!"

Sara Munoz:

"Stone Defender: Book Three Gargoyles in Uniform."




 "Great addition to series."

Barbara A. Watts:

"Stone Defender, Great story."


"Great story."

Sarah Milnthorpe:



 "Goblins amuck."


 "Trent and Beth."

Nicole Normand:

 "This book is the best so far in the series."

Rene's Reads:

 "The fight continues."


 "Action, danger and intrigue."

Dorothy S.:

 "Protective Caregiver."

Stone Savior

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book Two)

Available on Amazon for $3.99

This case is her last chance to prove herself as a social worker. Then the boy goes missing.

Determined to find him for professional as well as personal reasons, Maggie O’Grady enlists the help of Kel Halloway a man who has special skills and many connections.

Their quest leads them from the halls of juvenile court to the upper echelons of Philadelphia government and they uncover a secret no one wants to talk about.

Kel has been thinking this was a case of a runaway boy, but now he knows that there is a more sinister edge and he must help Maggie find the boy before he is gone forever.

Irene Talbert:

"Love this series..."

Barbara James:

"Another winner."


"Love this story!"

Janet Cox:

"Fairy love."

Barbara A. Watts:

"Stone Savior, Great story."



Emily Pennington:

"Interesting series!!!"

Kristine L.:

"Great Gargoyle story."


"Great story."

Deb o:


Janet Cox:

"Fairy love."

A. Llew:

"Great Paranormal Romance."

Scarolet Ellis:

"Awesome Gargoyle Story!"


 "Saving a life."

Sarah Milnthorpe:

 "A great read."

Dorothy S.:

 "The Search Unites Them."

Stone Guardian

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book One)

Also available on Amazon for $3.99

A secret pop-up nightclub could be the story that will launch Society Page reporter Whitney to the news desk. Standing in her way is Deke who she follows to the nightclub.

When a dead body literally drops at her feet, Deke, a man with a past, has to take Whitney on the run. No more simple life for him. No more story for her.

Until they realize how deep the story goes. And that fate may have other plans for them.

Irene Talbert:

"Great start to a new series."

Susan G. Roberts:

"I love being drawn into the storyline."

Janet Cox

"The long game."


"Good book."

Emily Pennington:

"Gargoyles vs. Goblins."

Deb o:


Scarolet Ellis:

"Wonderful new

Gargoyle Series!!!"


"Great Story."


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