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(Stone Warriors Book 3)

When motivational speaker, Meg, drops her boyfriend’s car off to be restored, the head mechanic, Cillian, figures out that the car has been outfitted for drug smuggling. This launches them into a race to take down a New Jersey drug cartel. He can keep her safe, but can he keep his heart safe?


Book Reviews

The third book in the Stone Warriors series another great story in this series this time it is Meg and Cillian's story. There is suspense, drama, danger, twists, turns, villains, and romance. Well worth reading. I would recommend.

Irene Talbert:


This is the third book in the Storm Warriors series. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish.
This is a story about how a car that is brought into the MC garage for repairs, the H finds that the car has been fitted for drug smuggling.
Add into the mix: the New Jersey drug cartel.

Barbara JAMES:

"Getting intense!"

I like the fact that the book was set in an environment I could related to - New Jersey - and at least to me, there were some "inside jokes" that I really appreciated. The story itself is fast-paced and well written, and I loved the fact that the reader doesn't know how things will play out, while hoping for a happy ending. The book made me think about how if I were in Meg's situation, I would handle the situation she found herself it. Although we know it's fiction and not likely to happen, it was a fun read, easy and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a pleasant few hours of diversion.

When Meg dropped off her boyfriend's car to be restored, she didn't know that her world would be upended. When her boyfriend's car was taken apart, hidden compartments were found and the FBI were called in. When the dust clears, Meg will have a change in relationships staring a gargoyle that only wanted a chance to prove himself to her! This story drew me in and kept me glued to all the drama surrounding the characters.


"Quick and entertaining."

Cillian by Chris Redding is the third story in the Stone Warriors and a well-written, fast-paced, and thrilling read. An easy-to-follow storyline with interesting and engaging characters make this a short, but entertaining escapade and a good addition to the series.

Marianne K.:

"Super story."

This is a super paranormal romance/romantic suspense.. I really liked it! It is fun and exciting to read, with a great relationship and rapport between the characters..


"Great read."

Meg had no idea that taking her boyfriends car to the stone Warriors garage it would lead to the FBI being called and discover its a car fitted for drug smuggling! Cillian was drawn to Meg and knew the danger she now faced against the cartel, but can he keep her safe? And how will she feel when she discovers what he is? Well written great addition to the series, filled with action suspense drama, desires and more!


"Good read."

This is a short but very exciting read. A good storyline and well developed characters. When Meg brings her boyfriends Mustang car to be restored little did she know her life was about to be turned upside down and in danger. Can Cillian keep her safe and gain her love? Love this series

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