Fate of a Gargoyle

Rejected by his fairy.

In a time when magic ruled the Earth, gargoyles and fairies signed a truce and gargoyles became the protectors of the fairy realm. Cursed into stone by the actions of his father, gargoyle Sean Foley is now animated in the twenty first century and must protect sharp, inner-city lawyer Colleen Connelly. If he doesn’t join forces with her the goblin will kill her and Sean will be turned back to stone to wait possibly centuries to find her again. How can he convince her that he isn’t the threat and that she is a mystical being?

This is Book #2 in the When Gargoyles Love Trilogy. 


Book Reviews


Barbara James :


I think the mark of a good book is that you stay awake, past your bedtime, to read it. I liked this book better than the first, possibly because I knew a bit more about the myth of gargoyles and fairies, so there was less of a learning curve and I could just enjoy the story. I liked how it was set in a law firm, which is something we can all understand. And the writing was so descriptive, which helps because to make the story effective, the reader has to be able to see in their mind what these creatures really look like. I do wish there'd been a bit more about the challenges a gargoyle must face by living in our tech world, and I'd also like to have known more about life back then, and I'd love information on other Irish lore.


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