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Stone Guardian

(Gargoyles in Uniform

Book 2)

A secret pop-up nightclub could be the story that will launch Society Page reporter Whitney to the news desk. Standing in her way is Deke who she follows to the nightclub.

When a dead body literally drops at her feet, Deke, a man with a past, has to take Whitney on the run. No more simple life for him. No more story for her.

Until they realize how deep the story goes. And that fate may have other plans for them.

Book Reviews

Irene Talbert:

"Great start to a new series."

This is the first book in a new series called Gargoyles in Uniform. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish.
If you love books about gargoyles, then you're going to want to read this book.
Well worth reading!

Susan G. Roberts:

"I love being drawn into the storyline."

Great story line, I love reading about the chance meetings that turn out to be destiny. This is an easy read and keeps you interested from the start.

Janet Cox

"The long game."

Very good story. The plot is threw out the series. Each couple in each book with there own parts to play. This one is about Deke and Whitney coming together. I do wounder how Whitney's "father" got a hold of her five days after her birth and from whom. I guess I will not find out. BUMMER.


"Good book."

I liked this book and series. It was a quick read with just enough information to keep the story going. It had mystery, suspense, and gargoyles. I thought the 2 main characters were a hoot against each other as one knows what is going on, mostly while the other keeps using her skills as a reporter to get him to talk. It was funny to read. Plus it had a lot of secondary characters form a related series that popped in. Just a good story and series start.

This is an a ARC book by Chris Redding, and it's the first time I am reading any book by her, she is becoming one of my favorite authors. The book I read by her is well written, with a great storyline, and scenery and likeable characters, that wants me to read more of her books as they come out.

This is the story of Whitney and Deke. She’s a reporter hot the trail of a secret pop up nightclub when she sees Deke and follows him. Their lives are about to change and they are forced on the run after a dead body lands in front of her. I enjoyed this exciting sweet romance.

This was a fast paced read with a great storyline. This story about Whitney a reporter who ends up going to a pop-up nightclub called "Grotesque." She decides t investigate. She ends up with Deke whom she follows to the roof. After being thrown out of the nightclub she witnesses a man falling from the rooftop. Now Deke is assigned to protect Whitney who wants to know what's going on. Will Whitney find out what's going on and write a story? This has action, adventure and a clean romance.

This is a fairly short read took me about an hour to read and is the start of a series that involves gargoyles and the woman they grow to love There is a lot going on around them and each couple will have to solve part of the riddle

Whitney is a journalist who wants to move to the news desk and she thinks she may have the story to do it with so sh is following Deke for a lead. The only problem is that following leads to a story that means Deke will have to take her on the run and try to protect her But is Whitney all she seems or are there secrets she doesn't know You will have to read to see and read the other books to get the full story

Reporter Whitney is writing her piece to send in while in the ladies room when she overhears an interesting conversation about a pop-up nightclub. The club is named Grotesque and that those invited are given the location just before the venue opens. When the women mention someone whose name she recognizes she knows where to start asking questions. The trail leads her to ex-marine gargoyle shifter Deke Turner and the club. When he sees her he makes her leave but just as she walks away a body drops from the sky and the bouncer pulls her back inside.

Whitney is a reporter working for her father’s paper. Right now she’s stuck in the society section but when she hears rumors of a pop-up nightclub she thinks she might have a story. At the party a body falls right in front of her. One of the owners, Deke, takes her away to keep her safe. He and his partners are all gargoyles and have military and protection experience. Unknown to her, Whitney is actually a fairy and together she and Deke are very powerful against the goblins who are trying to take over the government.

Emily Pennington:

"Gargoyles vs. Goblins."

Whitney Lewis is a reporter, a graduate of the top journalism school in the country, covering a social event as she worked for her father. She should be covering hard, fast-breaking news, not this society fluff. So when she hears rumors while in the bathroom, she figures with all the illegal activity going on, there might be an interesting story she can cover and she searches for Agostina Reynolds who will have the coordinates for the Grotesque pop-up nightclub. She remembered “grotesques” were ornamental gargoyles that served no real purpose.

Unfortunately, Whitney didn’t find Agostina, so she called her the next day. She was unwilling to reveal much, but did give her the coordinates since it no longer mattered. But Whitney knew the building and the owner, so she may have a lead! Ken Lockwood really didn’t walk to talk to her, but she said this was interest from a society angle and she would not reveal her source, so he gave her Deke Turner’s number, a former Marine sniper and one of the owners of Grotesque.

Deke Turner was restless. Something was going on in the world, and he was sensing it. He’d been tired and having vivid dreams for days. A woman had tried to follow him on the bus he was on, but he got off and out of her sight. Later, at Grotesque, she appeared again and he knew she had not been invited. He walked her out the door and ordered the bouncer not to let her back in. As she waited for an Uber, something fell from the side of the building, landing right where she had been standing. Kel, the bouncer took her arm and told her to get inside the building!

Trent and Deke went to take a look. Trent identified the victim as the personal assistant to the Governor of Pennsylvania. Once again, things pointed back to that office and the involvement of goblins trying to take over the government. The victim had been dropped from a tall height, which was the goblins’ favorite way to kill someone and send a message. The body was so damaged that the person couldn’t have merely jumped from the roof—not to mention the talon marks on the side of his body from the goblin who’d carried it. Was this a message to them? Trent asked Deke to take Whitney home with him since she was very likely in danger now because of what she had seen. Before the night was over, he woke when he heard a tiny noise. He got dressed and stepped into Whitney’s room, quietly waking her and telling her they had to leave. He got them out of the building down a fire escape and to a truck he had nearby, then drove to his secret cabin. Why was he feeling this strong need to protect her? Could he keep her safe from the goblins who were definitely after her?

The story line here is fascinating, keeping the reader avidly following the story as more information comes out. Deke’s background was very helpful to him in the problems the gargoyles were now dealing with. Whitney has more to her background than she knew about, so there is much more going on here. Grab your copy and enjoy the mystery and suspense!

This was a enjoyable read about Whitney and Deke. Whitney Lewis is a reporter working for her father’s newspaper when she's assigned a puff piece on the Philadelphia Arts Center gala. While in the bathroom typing her column she overhears about a pop-up nightclub called Grotesque which she decides to investigate. Her investigating leads her to Deke Turner who she follows which leads her to the nightclub which is on the roof. Deke throws her out and while walking to her car, Whitney witnesses a man falling to his death. Whitney is then returned to Deke which is then decided that he's assigned to protect her. Whitney being the reporter wants to know what's going on, but Deke been betrayed before so he's reluctant to tell her. When Whitney finds the out the truth, will she print it? This short read was a clean romantic paranormal that was well written, I liked the characters and the story line, and it was by a new author for me.

Whitney Lewis thought she was working below her capabilities. Her Dad thought she should start at the bottom. In the bathroom, she heard gossip about popup nightclub, Grotesque, that name had something to do with gargoyles. Whit thought there were illegal activities going on in the nightclub, and she thought she smelled an exclusive. Grotesques were ornamental gargoyles. Deke Turner ran the popup nightclub. He had a gov pension, money saved while a Marine. Trent Mulligan, his friend suggested the popup. Whit found her way to the latest popup, but Deke had her escorted out. He didn't want any trouble from a reporter. Then an unforseen event occurred that put Whitney in danger. Deke went into protect mode. Life will never be the same for Deke or Whit or for the gargoyle community. Great story. Absolutely like Deke and Whitney. Want to know more about all of the men and ladies. Well done!

I loved this book. The story was quick and exciting. The characters were intelligent and their passion hot. Cant wait for more

Deb o:


This is book one in the Gargoyles in Uniform series and I loved reading this book. It's Deke and Whitney's story, it's a fast paced stand alone book that kept my interest and kept me engaged from beginning to end. I love gargoyle books and this book did not disappoint.

Great addition to the Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance genre!
The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world she created.
The attitudes toward the events that are happening make the story even richer and the characters more relatable.

Scarolet Ellis:

"Wonderful new

Gargoyle Series!!!"

Stone Guardian (Gargoyles in Uniform Book One) by Chris Redding is a wonderful story that I have read. This is book number one in this wonderful start to a brand new series and I am so hooked on this series. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about gargoyles, science fantasy, Sci-Fi and paranormal romance.


"Great Story."

Great addition to the Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance genre!
The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world she created.
The attitudes toward the events that are happening make the story even richer and the characters more relatable.

This was a nice addition to this series. Deke & Whitney’s romance develops so well. When he has to take her on the run with him, it’s such a sudden change for both of their lives. The plot was so excited and filled with a lot of twists and turns that had me guessing until the very end how things might turn out. This series continues to be a great one to read.

I'm new to this author (he may also be new) and this book wasn't to bad. It has decent characters and plot. It could have used more visual and detail

Wow what a good book, I mean what’s not to love hunky ex-marine come gargoyle, fairies and killer goblins. This is a shifter book with a difference (not many gargoyle shifter books around). The story is fast paced and action packed. The characters Deke and Whitney have loads of chemistry . And the story keeps you intrigued till the very end. Can’t wait for the next book.

The first book in the Gargoyles in Uniform series a very short well written story that kept me turning pages. Society Page reporter Whitney and Gargoyle shifter Deke's story there is suspense,drama, danger, villains and one really close to Whitney, goblins, and romance. I want to read the next book.

Good read full of action, plot and romance starring a human woman and a gargoyle. 

At a charity Whitney hears about a pop-up nightclub, that is very exclusive and she tries to expose it and the people behind it, when she becomes witness to a murder. To protect her, Deke, one of the gargoyle owners of the night club, takes her to the heart of the gargoyle community. But of course she is not to tell anyone about it.
The book is the first in a series of books about gargoyles fighting goblins, who hide in the human world and try to manipulate them.
A good story, well-written and a nice blend of fantasy, suspense and romance.

This is a cool gargoyle romance that also has mystery and suspense.. I liked it.. I want more of this!

This is the first book in the series Gargoyles in Uniform Book. I thought it was a great start to the series. The great thing about these books is that if you do not want to read all each story is a standalone. But I believe that after reading the first you will want to read more. This book kicks off the series about a reporter named Whitney who wants to leave behind the Society Page and get her in the news desk. And she thinks she has just the story to do that. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Another way to look at the stone guardians that decorate buildings. They're shifters. They're ancient and they're elite protectors. Whitney is a news hound, a journalist out to prove to her dad she's got the grit to do more than society fluff stories.
Catching a scent of something big at yet another gathering of rich and famous, she pursues it into trouble and the sight of Deke.
Deke is hiding from his nature until Whitney is thrust into his care.
This is a great clean read about a match made in folklore and carried to the present day. These headlines could be read tomorrow! I'd recommend this to anyone for a beach read or a pass the time with a bit of angst and danger.

Deke runs a pop up club and Whitney is a reporter. When she follows him to the club and a dead body turns up things get crazy. It's a quick read but a good one.

a young woman finds out that she is a fairy and that she has a gargoyle protector and they deal with the issues that come to be with finding out all this.

Whitney is a reporter sent to do a puff piece but overhears a possible lead to another story. She investigates Deke, one of the owners of Grotesque, a popup night club. Deke, a former marine, has conflicting feelings toward Whitney, being wary, yet protective. Circumstances force him to protect her, however, he has secrets to protect as well. I enjoyed the relationship developing between Whitney and Deke, and am intrigued by the larger storyline.

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