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License to Nerd


Madison West appears on Peter Quincy’s doorstep as expected, when her husband, Charlie, disappears. Peter had been her husband’s best man and had promised to take care of Madison if something happened to him. Neither Madison nor Peter are what they seem, but will their lies to each other to save the world, instead fail to save them from each other?


This is book #1 in the Nerds Saving the World Series.


Michelle Baldwin: ‘license to spoilers’        


Liz Cermak: ‘It is good to see the Nerd step (way) out of his comfort zone’


dublinebayer: ‘What a great espionage book’                 


Heidi: ‘It has a good balance of action’                        


Lzyblyzzt: ‘ "License to Nerd" is a satisfying mystery that finally gives that neglected non-heroic person, the nerd, a chance to shine as a hero.’


Peggy Salkill: ‘Sucked right in from the start’                


Veronica: ‘Exciting’                                                           


Grady Harp: `We want the package, Madison.'                             


Karsun: “Not Your Usual Spy Novel”                     


Missaliax: ‘Finally a story for the underdog!’                


Brooke: ‘A License For Fun’                                             


Bookworm: ‘For a spy book it was much more psychological than physical’


Glenda: ‘License to Nerd has Great Potential’              

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