Behr Brothers Trilogy 

Boxed Set


Sebastian is the oldest of the three Behr bachelors. He finds his mate in Sally, but she has no interest in being married. Will he change her mind or be alone forever?

Caleb Behr meets his mate, but how can he convince the single mother that he is the right man for her when she has been burned in the past. Melinda Leight doesn’t have time for romance and she isn’t willing to bring just any man into her son’s life. Falling in love wasn’t on her agenda either, but somehow Caleb has find his way into her heart. Will she let him stay?

Wyatt Behr is the last of the Behr Brothers without a mate. He knows who she is, but she rejected him and left his heart broken in pieces. Now she’s back and is in competition with him for business. She can steal his customers but he isn’t sure he can let her steal his heart again.

Fiona Franklin is the new kid in town and out to prove herself, not only to the town, but to her ex Wyatt. She must resist his charms long enough to show him that she doesn’t really need him. Too bad she really does.


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