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Blonde Demolition


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What if you’ve made a safe, easy life for yourself but your dangerous past has caught up with you?

Mallory Sage, a former investigator with Homeland Security, has a home she loves, friends and is very important in the local volunteer fire company. Her life is secure and she is liked by everyone around her. 


When she discovers a bomb at her firehouse she realizes her past is about to make a reappearance.


What if you had a second chance to fix the biggest mistake of your life? Trey McCrane, currently with Homeland Security, let the only woman he ever loved and the best partner he had, leave him. He never knew why and angry with her, he never followed her.

But now he needs her for a case, the last case they did together that has now be reopened.  The case that he feels tore them apart. Can he get her to believe he is a forever kind of guy?

Book Reviews


Sue Kap: ‘Chiller Thriller’                                                          




Cruise Gypsy: ‘This was a fast moving book’    


GdmNy: ‘This is a new author for me and I enjoyed reading this book.’


L. Smith:  ‘Bombs, romance, the Mob...what more do you need?’


Susan Robbins: ‘Fun, engaging read’                                


Kim Smith: ‘Kudoes to Chris Redding! This book has it all…’ 


Worduser “Dog Lover”: ‘Tough Gal for the Bomb’      

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