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Typewriter Keys

Do you have a book in you but you just can’t write it? 

(You’d be surprised how many people do.)


Do you have a book you’ve started to write but need help getting it finished?



With more than 15 years of experience and the author of over 30 books, I deliver a range of services that can help you write that book, or have me write it for you.  I have done work for a number of clients, many of whom keep coming back.

Under my name and for others, I’ve written a range of fiction that includes romance, cozy mysteries and thrillers, books about shapeshifters and billionaires.  I’ve also written a host of non-fiction books that span topics like self-help, fitness, memoirs, and even a book about emergency medicine.


If you are looking for help, here’s how it works:

  1. Ghostwriting Services:

    • Book Proposals 

    • Full Manuscripts 

    • Blog Posts 

    • Articles 

  2. Writing and Publishing Consulting: I can also coach you through the Writing and Publishing processes. The fee for these services  depends on the scope of the work desired.

  3. Developmental Editing Consulting: I am also available for developmental edits, whose fees also depend on the scope.


I can bring that book to life for you! 


Contact me for details at

Please put Ghostwriter in the subject line.

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Typewriter Keys
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