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Stone Watchman

(Gargoyles in Uniform

Book 4)

Control the food, control the population.


A food scientist discovers an odd ingredient in food she is testing. Before she can let on about her findings, her lab is overrun with what seems like animal rights protestors. No animal testing is done at the facility making her suspicious. A bodyguard saves her life and she wonders if there is more to him than she thought possible in her scientific world. She prepares for her mind to be opened to many possibilities she never thought possible.

Book Reviews

Irene Talbert:


This is the third book in the Gargoyles in Uniform. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends/friendships, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, fear, anger, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, caring, kindness, determination, protection, frustration, magic, evil, manipulation, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.

Goblins are causing chaos for the entertainment industry. Why?

Read to find out what happens. Can't wait to read the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed this book and this review is my own opinion.

Lynne W. Moore:

"Fast Paced! Good Action!"

This is a quick read book that tells of Pete’s and Janna’s discovery of each other and start of their courtship. It’s a fun book (thankfully no sex scenes) and the characters personalities definitely shine through. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in this series!

Susan C. Roberts

"Interesting characters."

I am thoroughly enjoying these series, I like following the adventures and loves of the characters and I look forward to seeing where Pete and Jenna go from here.

Barbara  A. Watts:

"Stone Watchman, Great story."

Book four in the Gargoyles in Uniform series another well written short story that kept me turning pages. Jenna Harper is a food scientist, and Pete Shapiro a Gargoyle shifter is the Security Guard at Rothchild’s Labs. There is suspense, drama, danger, lies, Goblins, a fairy, villains, humans, surprises, kidnapping, a fire, and romance. I want to read the next book.

Liz Burke:

"Another Great Gargoyle Story."

This is another great Gargoyle story with them fighting the Gremlins. This story was lite on the romance but heavy on action I have never really enjoyed Gargoyle stories in the past but this series has changed my mind. I look forward to reading more from Chris Redding.

Janet Cox:

"Open your mind."

This one is a little different from the others. Pete did not want his fairy. A lot of problems with that. Pete was scared but Jenna was not. She was a scientist open to new ideas and theories. A very good story. I enjoyed it very much.

Deb O.:


This is book four in the Gargoyles in Uniforms series and is Pete and Janna's story. It's got plenty of action, drama, suspense, intrigue, danger,twists, turns, enemies, fear, anger, conflict, courage, family, trust, struggles, passion, love, happiness, love, hot alpha gargoyle with a great romance that I couldn't put down. It was a well written fast paced stand alone read that I loved reading.

This amazingly well-written book 4 in the Gargoyles in Uniform Series with great characters make a great story with gargoyles. These characters have developed well over the series as they are introduced, each find love while protecting others. Each of these stories have action, adventure, twists/turns, chemistry and romance. This book is a must read in a great series from a must read Author. I will buy the rest of this series

Customer Kristine:

"Fantastic Series"

This is another fast paced great storyline that will keep you reading until the end. This is the 4th book of the Gargoyles in Uniform series. There is danger, drama, action, survival, trust, fighting, happiness, evil (a given), manipulation, passion, happiness, lust and love. This is about Pete and Jenna. Jenna is a lab scientist and has been told to test the new flavor in the burgers. She runs it through and finds a strange ingredient. She's told to just sign off on it. She refuses. She thought it was strange to have that in the burgers so she took a photo of what she had typed and deleted it then she took a sample. Pete has to get to Jenna to make sure she is safe. All he could smell was goblins As he's waiting to be picked up he realizes that Jenna is his fairy, his mate. Now they are on the run. So much happened. She gets kidnapped, Pete goes back to Philadelphia, and Jenna doesn't know if she is going to be killed. Will anyone come and save her. Wow, the characters are fantastic, the tension and suspense keep you in the story as you are helping save Jenna and get to Pete. Love this book. Looking forward to the next story.

Emily Pennington:

"Another Piece of the Puzzle."

Pete Shapiro was a partner in the pop-up nightclub Grotesque, and the others called him Eeyore because he always saw the negative in any action. Trent had wanted to make their location permanent, but he didn’t like the idea. He had no one in his life and he liked it that way, but they were starting to invite him to BBQs, birthday parties, football games and such. With the other partners married now and things changing, he should probably get out of the partnership.

Pete Shapiro’s company-issued phone beeped as he walked down a deserted hallway in Rothchild’s Labs where he worked. Jenna Harper, one of the scientists from the facility, had entered the building. She belonged here, but coming in now at midnight was odd, so he would need to check it out. The other security guard, Anthony, asked if he had seen the alert and Pete said he would check it out.

Jenna had been asked to test a new food flavor ingredient to be added to burgers distributed worldwide. The first time she’d run it through the Gas Chromatograph a strange ingredient had shown up that couldn’t be identified. Her boss wanted her to just sign off on it, but she refused. This time, he didn’t give her a choice and told her to just write her report and let it go. She had given the report to him, but she’d held back some of the sample that the company had given her and was going ahead with testing it on her own. The results made no sense. Using her computer, she described the molecule and came up with more information and was not pleased. Why would a flavor company want an ingredient like that in their food? She needed to talk to her friend at the FDA. She believed the additive was added to make people hungry, and it seemed to be mildly addictive; if so, that was a crime that needed reporting. The lights flickered a few times and suddenly her internet connection was gone! She took a photo of what she had typed and deleted it from her computer. She would have to send it from home. Afraid of not getting back into her lab, she took the sample with her.

Just as a security guard came to get her, an alarm went off about a breach. Anthony had not answered when Pete tried to contact him. The backup generators didn’t come on as expected. All the doors were electric and would remain closed. But how were the intruders getting in? He had to get the scientist to safety. But before he could, he smelled the reek of goblin! He had no time to hide her and he transformed to his gargoyle! When they got outside of the fence, he sent a text to Donal Foley, head of Foley Security, and let him know about the goblins. While they waited to be picked up, he paced, realizing that Jenna was his fairy, his mate. He father had died a slow death when Pete’s mother died, and Pete would not risk his heart like that with any woman.

Donal picked them up and Jenna asked to stop at her apartment to change clothes. When they got there, the building was in flames! Now it was a matter of protecting Jenna from whatever was going on out there. There were no coincidences. The goblins were trying to hide something. Jenna was taken to a Professor friend of Pete’s who had a lab in the middle of nowhere. She sent her test results to her FDA friend, then heard a noise outside. When she opened the door, she was roughly grabbed and a hood put over her head! No one would know she was kidnapped. Pete had gone back to Philadelphia. Would they kill her? Was were their intentions? And how would Pete ever find her?

I really enjoy this series. The characters are well-defined and very realistic. The tension and suspense keeps the reader deeply involved in the story. Would Pete be able to track her down once he knows she is missing? Would he be able to rescue her in time, assuming he could even find her!

A. Llew:

"This book is beyond good!"

If you want to lose yourself in a great series...give this one a go!
Characters that are easy to root for and all that swirls around them in the storylines are super interesting.
Some great ins and outs, twists and turns. It's simply REALLY GOOD STORYTELLING.


"Great story."

Janna is testing food and finds something odd in it. When the lab is attacked by activists she is rescued by Pete who is a security guard there. I enjoyed these engaging characters in this fun romance.

When Jenna brought a strange ingredient in a food flavoring to the notice he told her to forget about it but Jenna continues. She goes back to her lab at midnight to check the results she had left running and the labs are attacked but she is saved by Pete a night security guard who gets her clear of the building. He contact his friends at Foley Security who comes and picks them up. When they approached Jenna apartment it is on fire and surrounded by emergency services. So they head to the company offices to try and plan their next move.


"Interesting and entertaining."

This is a great paranormal romance novel.. I liked it.... It has suspense and mystery, with an unexpected romance for our gargoyle.

Robin Adams:

"An unexpected romance."

A sweet romance between unlikely people. There were some action scenes and a few sweet moments between the scientist and the night watchman. I enjoyed this sweet romance.

Barbara James:


Perhaps it was the frame of mind I read this in, as I'd just turned off TV news about the Corona virus, only to read a book that was equally terrifying in terms of terrifying events. I thought the characters were far more human and believable in this book, and the plot as credible as anything in "real life". Timely, scary as all get out, quite credible, and a book that I literally did not put down for one second. I loved the detailed descriptions of all the main characters, but maybe it just hit too close to home on a day that I should have not watched the news! I'd definitely recommend reading this book, and keep a bag of your favorite snacks handy (just in case...)


"Pete and Jenna."

Pete is a security guard at Jenna's lab. When Jenna discovers an ingredient that is all bad things go haywire. It's a fast paced story, but a fun one.

Dorothy S.:

"Secrets Are Revealed."

Jenna is a food scientist who stumbles upon a questionable ingredient that her bosses want her to ignore. She makes a decision to investigate further. Pete is exmilitary and a security guard at the same company Jenna works for. He’s also coowner of Grotesque. An attack at the lab has larger implications and although reluctant to form attachments, Pete must use all his abilities to protect her, even if secrets are revealed. I especially liked how Pete worked through some difficult issues.


"Accepting Destiny."

Pete is probably the most recluse gargoyle of all. He just wants to do his work and otherwise be left to his own devices. For that reason he was happy to be a night guard at a lab facility. One night, Jenna, one of the researchers returns to the lab during after hours and on his way to check out what is going on, he and Jenna are attacked by goblins. He has to turn gargoyle and is able to shoot fire while Jenna touched him, a sure sign that she is his fairy.
His instincts are ambiguous - protect Jenna, fight the goblins and run away as far as he can, because he does not want to end like his father, after his mother had died.
A thrilling story, despite it being a fast read, fast-paced and entertaining.
Like the other stories of Gargoyles in Uniform or Gargoyles in Love it is well written and could be read without knowing the other books. Still it gives the story more depth to understand the larger story of the fight between the gargoyles and the goblins.

Sarah Milnthorpe:

"A sweet romance."

An unexpected sweet romance between Pete a night watchman and Jana a food scientist after he saves her life. Things take an unexpected twist from there with suspense, mystery, fighting and love this book has it all. Chemistry between the characters is amazing and I couldn’t put the book down. Look forward to the next instalment.


"World revealed."

A scientists gets a rude awakening of of world around her, least of all the mystery of who her bodyguard really is. 

-If you don't understand the sub-title, it means "sick people are easier to rule", and it's scary because that problem actually exists with sugar and soy - it's everywhere.
-How come Trent needed Tex to know where his fairy was but Pete only had to think about it?
-I loved the interactions between Pete and Jenna. I also liked that he didn't lie to her and answered her questions truthfully. He also changed in front of her. Their story was a sweet one and the best so far. I felt like he respected her better than the other gargoyles with their mate.
-The problem though, just like the other books, is that the author writes such short stories that he/she doesn't answers obvious questions, such as how did the goblins find Jordan's house? It's really annoying.
-Easily a 5-star story but since it's published and not an ARC I took one star off for editing. The other ones had their fair share of problems too but this one beats them all. "What were there's?" -theirs. "The entered a lobby" - They. "Ta bron orm" - no idea what this is supposed to mean. "Donal Brothers" - Foley. Briefcase/backpack, etc.

Rene's Reads:

"Reluctant hero."

Pete did everything to stay out of the middle of things. Until everything landed at his feet. This story was involving and I enjoyed it as I have the others. There are more word choice errors in this one. Maybe a bit rushed on proofing, but the story holds together as a quick, clean, read.

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