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Hacker For The


Tech Daddy

Alex dropped his head into his hands. Amelia wanted to comfort him, but she didn't know yet where they stood. She could be out on her butt in a few minutes. Alex sighed. "I'm sorry that she's done this to you. It was your story to tell me when you were ready." "Alex?" "Yeah?" "Are we okay? Do you need me to leave?"

Amelia is an independent white hat hacker who meets and beds a man at a tech conference. Fast forward several months and she finds out she’s pregnant. She finds him just to tell him he’s going to be a father. She finds out he’s Alex Hillen, the billionaire owner of a gaming company. He decides it’s his job to take care of this woman who has never been taken care of.

What could go wrong?

Here's how to get it:

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