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Stone Sentinel

(Gargoyles in Uniform

Book 5)

Control education, control the population.


Dani is a college professor who has spent her whole career debunking conspiracy theories. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s been a pawn for the goblins’ plan of world domination until she meets an actual supernatural creature.


Ben has made a living from conspiracy theories. Too bad he didn’t know how deep they went. Now his choice is to reveal himself to the world as a gargoyle or risk losing his fairy.

Book Reviews

Deb from Oz:

" A fun read."

This is a fast fun read that took less then an hour to read It is the story of Dani a college professor who spends her time debunking conspiracy theories She has to rethink when she meets Ben who is a gargoyle A fast fun read that flows well and kept me engaged. I am now going to read the other books in the series

This amazingly well-written book 5 in the Gargoyles in Uniform Series with great characters make a great story with gargoyles. These characters have developed well over the series as they are introduced, each find love while protecting others. Each of these stories have action, adventure, twists/turns, chemistry and romance. This book is a must read in a great series from a must read Author. I will buy the rest of this series

One day you wake up your favorite ice cream is chocolate, the next day it's coffee. What do you do when you find out your reality is flexible? Dani is a Professor of History. She dedicated her life to debunking conspiracy theories. She felt the need to disprove the theories her Dad shared about other beings. Then she talked to BJ/Ben a YouTuber who ran a channel of conspiracy theories. He was on the radio, Dani called in and challenged him to a debate. Just as they were about to start, creatures came and disrupted the event. Ben rescued Dani and her worldview changed. Did Ben endanger his group? Did Dani see what she thought she saw? Did anyone else see? Good story! Dani and Ben were absolutely strong likeable characters. Their quest/adventure brought you into the story. Well done! 

Stone Sentinel (Gargoyles in Uniform Book Five) by Chris Redding is an amazing story that I have read. This is book number five in this amazing series that I am so hooked on and can not wait to see what this author will write about next. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about gargoyles, science fantasy and paranormal romance.

Emily Pennington:

"Dani and Ben's story."

This is Dani and Ben’s story. Dani is a professor who believes she is debunking conspiracy theories but, in actuality, she is being used and manipulated. Ben is a gargoyle who now must reveal himself to the world as the paranormal creature he is. But doing that will go against everything that Dani has believed for so long and could ruin her credibility. How will he decide what to do? And what are the consequences of his decision?

This is a fast read that will grab the reader’s attention right away and hold on to it through the danger and mystery of the story line. The characters are known to the reader and have to balance their actions between their feelings for the other and the well-being of other people. It all makes for a suspenseful, action-packed story to enjoy!

Barbara A. Watts:

"Stone Sentinel. Very good short story"

The fifth book in the Gargoyles in Uniform a well written short story, I will say that I would have enjoyed the book more if I had read this series in order. That said I still did enjoy this book. Dani is a college professor who just finds out something about herself and the world around her. She meets Ben a gargoyle shifter. This story has suspense, drama, danger, evil goblins, twists, turns, and romance. 

Rene's Reads:

"This is about gargoyle shifters."

The author's way of writing is dry. It moves along at a constant pace. The emotions don't see-saw throughout. I'm not sure if this is on purpose or just the Voice. The story is a solid tale with nice world building. I'd like to meet Ben and Dani. They're down to earth people, with alter egos. I'd recommend for contemporary readers who may like a touch of sweet romance and a good gargoyle tale. The writing is smooth and readable with little or no typos.


"Dani and Ben."

Stone Sentinel is book 5 in the series and focuses on Dani and Ben. She's a professor who debunks conspiracy theories. Ben is a gargoyle. It's a quick clean read that has some danger and mystery. 


"The Coming Out."

It was always the rule of paranormals to keep hidden from humans and much had been done to prevent them from finding out what was really happening in their world.

Now, fighting the goblins on all sides it becomes more important for humans to see reality and not be manipulated by the goblins any longer.

Ben, one of the owners of GROTESQUE, a gargoyle challenges Dani, a professor debunking conspiracy theories, to a public discussion. But even before the discussion starts goblins attack to prevent the discussion.
A romantic suspense story, engagingly written, and a page-turner.

Dorothy S.:

"Stonger Together."

Dani is a professor who researches and debunks conspiracy theories. Her interest is piqued by a man on livestream who warns of an insidious conspiracy being implemented. She calls in and challenges him to a debate. Ben, who is prepared to go to any lengths to reveal the danger, agrees to the debate. An attack at the event reveals a truth that challenges all of Dani’s beliefs. I especially liked how ultimately, they stood strongly together.

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