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A Life Owed


will soon be coming your way

A paramedic saves a personal trainer's life and he sets out to save hers in return.

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Enjoy the BOOK!

Wonderful story line, very original and well written. The lead role was endearing and engaging while attempting to protect his fairy, who doesn’t believe him, or in magic in this modern world. A true love story with delightful paranormal/fantasy elements that make it a great read. My favorite book by Chris Redding so far! I look forward to the rest of the series..

Susan C. Roberts :

"Interesting characters"

Loved the story line, I was engaged with the characters, would have loved it to be a little longer. I look forward to following what happens to them as the future unfolds.


"Sweet read."

I liked this book. It was a sweet little story. A fast read. I am hoping that the rest of the seires is as nice.

Kindle Reader:


Great story. Enjoyed reading it.

Barbara James:

"Entertaining read."

I decided to start reading book genres out of the usual cozies and other mystery books I usually read, and I really enjoyed this one. It was not predictable, and the author was very descriptive with her imagery, so I didn't have to struggle to "see" the setting and the characters. I really enjoyed the story, and will definitely read more of this genre.


"Entertaining read."

I liked this story. The concept was fun and the two main characters were fun to watch as they meet for the first time in person. It was a cute read that made me laugh. The writing and plot were easy to follow and I liked that the story was a quick read and light hearted. The conflict in the story and that will show up in the series was interesting too. Will be fun to see what happens next. Liked the easy feel to the story and that it was easy to picture what was happening. Just a feel good story. 

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