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(Stone Warriors Book 2)

Protect the Vulnerable

The Stone Warriors have had that motto since their inception and their leader Finn takes it to heart when he realizes Hunterdon Custom’s newest customer, Colleen, is the victim of domestic abuse. Finn takes her in and the club protects her. While Finn doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, he still falls in love. Who will protect him from Colleen?


Book Reviews

New Jersey author Chris Redding earner=d her degree in Journalism from Penn State and writes novels, novellas, short stories, newspaper articles and also serves as a ghost writer, conducting workshops in her craft to assist other writers. Her published books are numerous – THE STONE WARRIORS SERIES – of which FINN is Book 2, GARGOYLES IN UNIFORM SERIES, WHEN GARGOYLES LOVE SERIES, BEHR BROTHERS TRILOGY, NERDS SAVING THE WORLD SERIES, WHICH EXIT ANGEL, INCENDIARY, CORPSE WHISPERER, ALCHEMY AND OLD SPICE, ALONG CAME PAULY, THE DRINKING GAME, and CONFESSIONS Volume 1. Her themes – paranormal romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and cozy fiction.

Chris’ writing style is inviting – easy to read, entertaining and involving, and this book, at just over 100 pages, is short enough to read in one evening. She opens her story directly: ‘Colleen Dreyer shifted down to forth gear in her 1997 Porsche 911 as she took a turn on Route 32 in Pennsylvania. She lived in New Jersey, but this was her favorite way to commute to work in Lambertville. This road was windy and more challenging that the same road on the other side of the Delaware River. “This never gets old.” Her father had left her the almost classic Porsche when he died. It was one of the last air-cooled 911s and she drove it every day to her art gallery, Art on the Delaware. Well, not in the snow, but that only happened a few time a year.’ Then, after an incident, we meet title character, Finn: ‘Finn Hennessy took off his respirator mask and admired the paint job he’d just done on a PT Cruiser…Finn, the paint specialist at Hunterdon Customs, a resto-mod shop in Hunterdon County New Jersey, came up with a green that he’d called Holy Guacamole…’ Finn is a member of the Stone Warriors, a motorcycle club of ex-cons trying to make a better life.

The plot overview is tightly draw – ‘The Stone Warriors have had that motto since their inception and their leader Finn takes it to heart when he realizes Hunterdon Custom’s newest customer, Colleen, is the victim of domestic abuse. Finn takes her in and the club protects her. While Finn doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, he still falls in love. Who will protect him from Colleen?’

Short, to the point, and with fine characters, reading FINN will likely encourage readers to follow the rest of this series.

The Stone Warriors live by a motto: Protect the vulnerable. This will become important in Finn’s interactions with Colleen Dreyer, a victim of domestic abuse. Finn Hennessy, one of the gargoyles in the MC, is the President of the Stone Warriors, consisting mostly of ex-cons trying to make a better life. They were completely legitimate and made money for their charity (protecting victims of abuse) by restoring and modifying cars. Their talent was obvious in their work, so they had many customers.

A light shone in Colleen’s art gallery that she knew she hadn’t left on. Suspicious, she parked her car in the alley and found the back door unlocked as she entered. She called out to her boyfriend, Drew, who owned the building and had a key. But he never used her building, and he didn’t answer. She called 9-1-1 rather than take a chance. The police officer came back from his search with a sputtering, angry Drew Pinkerton. He said he had been having a meeting there. Since it was his building, the officer let him go. But he refused to tell her why he was there rather than use his own office in another building. Even at dinner, Drew was grouchy and complaining. On the way home, the car stopped and Colleen got to the side of the road. Drew was demanding that she sell it and threatened to take an Uber, leaving her at the side of the road. Then a truck pulled up and the man found the problem immediately. She asked about his job and was delighted he could repaint her car. He was also an artist who had never displayed his work. So when they exchanged business cards, he hadn’t looked at hers. When he did, he knew Fate had introduced them. He was looking for a gallery to perhaps get him started displaying his artwork, and that’s exactly what he found!

When Colleen’s art gallery is robbed, she believes her boyfriend, Drew, is behind it. He becomes violent she has to get away from him. Finn recognizes that Colleen has become a victim of domestic abuse, so he takes her in and the club protects her. While Finn doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, he can’t stop himself from falling in love. But if she is falling for him as well, he will have to tell her what he is. Will she be able to accept that he is a gargoyle?

This is the second book in the Stone Warriors series. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends/friendships, anger, pain, fear, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, trust, truths, stubbornness struggles, protection, tension, arrogance, doubts, annoyance, turmoil (emotional), frustration, determination, patience, abuse (domestic), complications, violence (slightly), betrayal, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.
Club Motto: Protect the Vulnerable!
This is the story about the president of the Stone Warriors MC who happens to be a gargoyle (H) and the owner of an art gallery (h). Someone is out to destroy this person's art gallery. Why?
Well, you're just going to have to read the book to find out what happens.



I love these books. This book is about Finn and Colleen. Colleen is an art dealer and Finn is a member of the stone warriors and works at Hunterdawn Cutoms. He paints in his spare time. In his past je was arrested for art forgery. He is off probation and able to paint again. Will the connection with Colleen prove fruitful or will he get I. Trouble again dir to her silent partner turned abuser. She and Finn grow close and the stone warriors protect her from Drew. Great story with a HEA.

Colleen runs an Art Gallery. She meets Finn who happens to drive by when her car stops. I liked that this was a motorcycle story but also loved that they could shift into gargoyles. They had all been to prison and they are trying to make something of their lives. Also the clubs Motto is "Protect the Vulnerable." I also thought that Finn finally telling Colleen about his painting was great. She was good at building up his confidence. This story had drama, action, and plenty of emotions. The characters were really great and had an amazing connection.

The second book of the Stone Warriors series a well written story with a very good storyline, the story flowed smoothly across the pages. Finn is the leader of the Stone Warriors, Colleen comes to Hunterdon Custom to have her Porsche that her Father had owned fixed. This story has suspense, drama, danger, a evil boyfriend, secrets, and romance. A story that was well worth reading.

When Colleens art gallery is robbed she has suspicions her boyfriend Drew is behind it and when he becomes violent she has to get away. When Finn discovers his newest client at Hunterdon Custom’s is in trouble he and the club take her in. As romance blossoms between Finn and Colleen, Finn knows sooner or later he will have to tell Colleen the truth about what he is, will Colleen stay? this is book 2 in the stone warrior series. well written and nicely paced with an engaging story line and characters you cant help rooting for!

Wow! I’ve never read a gargoyle romance before and I have to say I am a FAN! I loved the MC aspects of it and the brotherhood.. the closeness you feel from reading those books. But then add in a protective gargoyle alpha man and it’s steamy! Not too much paranormal activity (other than being a gargoyle) and there are no club bunnies. No cheating and a HEA! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

I liked the first book in the series and was eager to read the second. I like the way this author develops the characters and story line in her books. Both books were set in NJ near the PA line and the locations she wrote about were more accurate than you normally see in a novel. This is an easy read and a good story. I look forward to more in this series.

I loved the vulnerability of the characters in this series. It was a quick read that kept my attention.

Who doesn’t like a good romantic story? I particularly love them and they are the ones I choose when I’m in the mood for something uplifting and relaxing. For those who are like me, I recommend this fantastic series: Stone Warriors.
“Finn” is the second instalment in the series and I really liked it. It presents a mixture of fantasy and romance that is fascinating. It is very well written and the descriptions are detailed and accurate. I fell in love with the characters. I liked how the reader gets to see the development of the characters and their feelings and emotions told by their own words. It is a beautiful, moving story.
The book introduces Finn, who is the epitome of the protector and dedicates his life to live up to his organization’s motto: “protect the vulnerable”. We will get involved with Colleen, who has been a victim of abuse. He is bound to help her but he didn’t expect to fall in love.

Being book two in the Stone Warriors series, Finn is a book that belongs to the category of fantastic romance and its plot is entertaining and invites us to read it in just a few days. The book is written in the form of a dialogue, which makes it an easy-to-follow and fast-paced read. The language is clear and the vocabulary employed is not dull or tedious. The tale has unexpected twists and turns and the narrative revolves around Finn, the leader of The Stone warriors, and their main motto is protecting the vulnerable. After helping a woman suffering from domestic violence, he falls in love with her and the tables are turned.

What I loved about this book is the fact that it is not long and can be read in just a few days if we propose it.

I love this genre. This book was absolutely absorbing! I couldn't put it down until I was finished.


"Great read."

"Protect the Vulnerable" is the motto of the Stone Warriors MC and protect they do. Coleen owns an art gallery along with her questionable boyfriend. Finn is a car painter but also paints landscapes, etc. in secret. When he meets Colleen after her car breaks down, the chemistry is instant. He works up the courage to show her his paintings and things move on from their. The book has chemistry, steam, betrayal, action, and some twist. A well paced page turner from start to finish. I enjoyed this and look forward to more. This is the first book I've read by Chris Redding, but won't be the last.

Finn is a car painter and he paints landscapes. His MC helps women who have been abused. Colleen owns an art gallery. Her boyfriend is a jerk. This is a short read.

Finn is the second book in Chris Redding’s Stone Warriors and other than Finn being a Gargoyle, this reads more like a contemporary MC type story. Packed with drama, emotion and some danger too, Finn is a well-written story that reels the reader in and provides an entertaining tale in a short but enjoyable read.

This is a sweet gargoyle romance.. I really liked it.. It has mystery, suspense and a bit of danger..

Finn and Colleen brings this intriguing story to life. Colleen is part owner of an art gallery. When her boyfriend starts to act out of character, she begins to question his feelings and realize that she doesn't really know the man especially when he hits her. When the gallery is robbed of everything, Colleen realize that Drew had something to do with it and his real character and reason emerge. Finn and the Stone Warriors takes Colleen under their wings but will they be able to keep her safe and will Finn's secret lead to him and Colleen ending what was becoming a beautiful relationship?

First time reading this author and about gargoyles and I am impressed. I will looking to read more by this author.

J. Armstrong: 

"Tender MC Romance"

Second book in the Stone Warriors MC series, this story follows Finn, who finds Coleen one night and helps her out. Their paths cross later when Coleen persuades Finn, a hidden artist, to display some of his landscape paintings in her art gallery. As their paths continue to cross, Finn discovers Coleen is in a domestic abusive relationship and helps her leave her tormenter. Finn and Coleen both struggle with their developing feelings to each other until the HEA.
For an MC book, there was not much violence, or filthy stuff. This will be a selling point for some, or a turn off for others. However, I think that it is a good thing to show and write about MC’s in different styles, not just rough and tumble and turf wars all the time. Well written characters, the building love was palpable, and I enjoyed the tenderness of the story.


"A lovely reading"

This is an easy-to-read book which is full of dialogues, so it was a fast pace reading to me. I would recommend it to adults and young adults because I think that the moral message in the plot is a great one. Character development and the relationship between them are what I like the most and I really enjoyed the love story in it. Also, I found the plot very interesting, which exposes subjects such as domestic violence.

Finn Hennessy, is the leader of a group called The Stone warriors and they have a main principle: “Protect the vulnerable”. According to this motto, Finn helps a woman, Colleen Dreyer, who is a victim of domestic violence; but, after that he falls in love with her.

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