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Stone Defender

(Gargoyles in Uniform

Book 3)

Control the narrative, control the society.

When an actress discovers goblins have taken over the entertainment industry for nefarious purposes, she turns to a gargoyle to help her eradicate the industry. The gargoyle, despite not wanting ties to anyone, finds himself part of a team protecting the actress while finding her attractive.

Book Reviews

Irene Talbert:


This is the third book in the Gargoyles in Uniform. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends/friendships, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, fear, anger, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, caring, kindness, determination, protection, frustration, magic, evil, manipulation, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.
Goblins are causing chaos for the entertainment industry. Why?
Read to find out what happens. Can't wait to read the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed this book and this review is my own opinion.

Janet Cox:

"A new career start."

Good story. It seams that I start every review with that. They are all good stories and I love reading them. I like this world. It reminds me of this one. Most people don't even see half of the things that are around them through out the day. They are thinking about there job or the date they had the night before. So we all miss a lot. When we do see or realize what is out there we are surprised. I liked the ending of this one it is cute.


"Wonderful paranormal romance."

I love this one! Gargoyle romance is fun and interesting.. I love the characters in this book. It is full of danger and suspense!

Deb o:

"Great read."

This is book three in Chris Redding's Gargoyles in Uniform series, I loved Gargoyle romance story's and this book did not disappoint, I loved this book. It's got lots of drama, suspense, action, humor, twists, turns, danger, adventure, enemies, drama, surprises, mystery, struggles, anger, fear, intrigue, survival, frustration, family, friends, trust, conflicts, evil, magic, happiness, passion, love, hot alpha male gargoyle and an amazing romance that I loved. I loved Beth and Trents story they were an amazing couple and were well written with the story grabbing me from the beginning it's a wonderful story line full of suspense and mystery that pulled me in.

A. Llew:

"Awesome story."

If you want to lose yourself in a great series...give this one a go!
Characters that are easy to root for and all that swirls around them in the storylines are super interesting.
Some great ins and outs, twists and turns. It's simply REALLY GOOD STORYTELLING.

This is the story of Beth and Trent. The goblins are taking over entertainment industry and Beth is determined to stop them. She asks Trent for help and after she sees something she shouldn’t Trent is there to protect her. Will they be able to get to figure out what the goblins are up to? I enjoyed this fast paced, entertaining romance.

Beth worked at the ICU during the day. Her passion, is acting. She works with a troupe, the Downtown Players and steps up to lead when needed. She wants to buy the building they are currently in and hopes to get enough donation money for a down payment. Trent assessing the same building Beth wants. Trent was always the caregiver, looking out for his sisters. Since gargoyles finding mates & having kids, Grotesque needs stability! Beth goes to a party hoping to make acting contacts. Something happened, that brings her into the goblin/gargoyle world, front and center. The situation with Beth's parents was handled awkwardly. Does she turn to Trent? Will Trent help? Are the goblins manipulating a new industry? Will Beth and her troupe get the building? Enjoyable story. Trent is a nice guy and Beth is a warrior! Good story, well done!

Customer Kristine:

" Gargoyles in Uniform book 3."

I've really like this series. It's fast paced and the storyline is very entertaining. There is danger, action, drama, suspense, magic, romance, lust and love. The Gargoyles and still fighting the Goblins but this time they are in the entertainment industry. Why are the Goblins there? What do they want to d? Read this story and find out. Can't wait until the next book

Gargoyle shifter Trent looks at a theater he is considering buying and notice the group of performers there especially the redhead with the sparkling eyes who had been outside when he had arrived. Beth was a nurse to earn enough to live on but wants to break into acting. when she is given a note with the address of a party where bigwigs in the industry will be she decides to risk it but what happens there has her running into the street. Trent had just finished loading the bar equipment from Grotesque when he sees a woman running towards him and recognizes her as the woman from the theater. She was looking for Grotesque in the hope of finding her friend Maggie who had just married his friend Kel. Trent offers to take her home.

Emily Pennington:

"An Amazing Series!!"

Beth Swanson was trying to organize the Downtown Players acting troupe for ideas to raise money to buy this building where they can put on their plays. In her nursing career, people listened to her voice of authority. But here, was just another actor trying to get everyone on the same page! They needed to narrow down the ideas so they didn’t spread themselves too thin and could accomplish their goal. She had asked her parents if they could donate the down payment since they could afford it. But their plans for her were adding another degree and getting a husband. They didn’t believe in her acting dream and would not support it. She slumped on the wall of a building and was startled that she hadn’t noticed the man who walked up to see if she was okay, which could be dangerous in the city. Saying she was fine, she walked away.

Trent Mulligan was here to meet his real estate agent. He was looking for a permanent home for their pop-up nightclub Grotesque and this building looked to be in good shape. His plan was that Grotesque could use the roof and the top floor for their business. If his partners agreed, they would rent out the rest of the floors and leave the existing theatre how it was.

Beth’s fellow actor Sally got her an invitation to attend a party where important people in the movie industry would be present. She wasn’t a party person, but if she wanted to be in on the new movie being filmed here, she had to mingle. The food on the tables looked odd, so she just took cheese and crackers. Kenny Rothschild came up behind her. He was a powerful producer in Hollywood and was bankrolling the movie she was interested in getting an audition for. He was sort of creepy, but asked her to meet him in the basement where there were specially equipped rooms for these meetings??? The door guy had mentioned the playroom in the basement. Was that what he meant? When he made it obvious what he expected, she ran from the room. Looking in another room, she saw a man in dark robes chanting, candles on the floor and something drawn there. She turned and ran, finally getting out of the place!

Trent was packing up the truck when a woman hurried down the sidewalk and looked up at where Grotesque had been set up that evening. She was looking for Maggie O’Grady, Kel’s new wife. He told her they just left on their honeymoon. So he offered to drive her home. She still would not tell him what happened at the party. They had breakfast, she showered, but she didn’t want to stay there alone and asked him to drive her to her parents’ house. But when they got there, the cars were gone and the furniture was cleared out of the house! Trent told her they should get out of there, it may not be safe. He offered to help her. She wanted to go to the police, but her parents were adults and there was nothing the police would do. He smelled the strong scent of goblin.

A woman walked in the open door. Trent knew she was a goblin and she knew he was a gargoyle, mortal enemies. She told Beth the house was in foreclosure, owned by the bank, and had been vacant for months! But Beth had been there just a week ago! Trent urged her to leave with him. He drove to a park and called Donal Foley who owned Foley Brothers Security. They were gargoyles and their security guy Tex could find out any information they needed. They drove to his house to talk about the problem. With all of this crazy stuff, Trent never once tried to leave her. He went calmly from one crisis to another. Beth knew there was much more to him than just being a nightclub owner. He introduced her to Donal, Declan and Sean Foley and asked her to tell her story.

With the security men insisting she was in danger, she decided reluctantly to stay with Trent since his building had tight security. She was disappointed to see how expensively decorated it was – wealth made him less attractive to her. Yet he wasn’t like the country club guys her mom always set her up with. They were just both independent types who didn’t like to be coddled when they could handle themselves perfectly fine. Both were very stubborn people! While she slept, the security men arrived to share information. They had discovered that Beth’s parents were both gargoyles! They were catching a flight to Haiti, a goblin stronghold! The goblins hadn’t come for Beth yet, but she had seen something they wanted hidden. Tex was about to search the dark web to find out about the ritual she witnessed. And Trent wanted to keep her with him, even if he had to turn to his gargoyle form to get them away from danger as a last resort. He couldn’t explain the strong protective feeling that ran deep toward her. Would they find what the goblins were up to this time? Would the goblins track Beth here to harm her?

I love this series! The characters are wonderful and the story line is full of mystery and suspense. Grab your copy and let the author pull you into a fascinating and clever story that will keep the goosebumps running up and down your arms!

Barbara A. Watts:

"Stone Defender, Great story."

Book Three in the Gargoyles in Uniform another short well written story that I was not putting down until I had finished reading it. Beth Swanson works in both an Intensive Care Unit and as an Actor, she finds out something and goes to Gargoyle shifter Trent Mulligan for help. There is suspense, drama, danger, kidnapping, Goblins, Fairy, twists, turns, humans, and romance. I want to read the next book. 

Sara Munoz:

"Stone Defender: Book Three Gargoyles in Uniform."

This amazingly well-written book 3 in the Gargoyles in Uniform Series with great characters make a great story with gargoyles. These characters have developed well over the series as they are introduced, each find love while protecting others. Each of these stories have action, adventure, twists/turns, chemistry and romance. This book is a must read in a great series from a must read Author. I will buy the rest of this series


"Great story."

If you want to lose yourself in a great series...give this one a go!

Characters that are easy to root for and all that swirls around them in the storylines are super interesting.
Some great ins and outs, twists and turns. It's simply REALLY GOOD STORYTELLING.

This is the third book in the series and it is just as great as the first two. This is another great story about the Gargoyles against the Goblins in this story Beth is an actor she is witness to something that puts her life in danger. When Trent steps up and becomes her protector. I look forward to reading more from this author.



Beth is a nurse by day, but she dreams of becoming an actress. When she goes to a party where she can meet important people in the business she is shocked when she not only gets nearly raped by the producer, but also stumbles across a strange group of people chanting something, wearing long robes.
She flees straight into the arms of Trent, a gargoyle shifter, who was cleaning up the last traces of their pop-up night club, Grotesque.
He helps her escape and the night gets bizarre for Beth from here on out.
Trent and his fellow gargoyles help Beth figure out what is going on, while Trent also recognizes his fairy in her.
A suspenseful story, definitely a page turner and quite entertaining.
This book is part of a series, but I believe it could also be read as a stand-alone, as long as the reader is familiar with the general gargoyle/goblin war.


 "Great addition to series."

This is another great read .
The plot is set around the conflict between
Gargoyles against the Goblins .
The characters are definitely interesting.

Sarah Milnthorpe:


Again another enjoyable book in this series, my only complaint is my question I have left from previous books still not been answered. Now the good things each book can be read as a standalone, the idea gargoyles and their fairy mate that only seems to get power when they hold hands, who seem to have been adopted by the baddies the goblins is an original idea and I like that. The books are page turners and the characters Trent and Beth have plenty of chemistry. I really like this series look forward to more to come.


 "Goblins amuck."

This time an actress and gargoyle fight goblins while fighting their mutual attraction.


 "Trent and Beth."

Beth is a nurse and actress and Trent is a co-owner in Grotesque. After Beth witnesses something she shouldn't by the goblins, Trent helps protect her and get to the bottom of things. It's a quick read.

Nicole Normand:

 "This book is the best so far in the series."

-This book is the best so far in the series. Each book is a standalone and if there are (and there are) some unanswered questions, you won't get the answer in the next book.
-I also learned through reading all first 3 books that fairies are redheaded and adopted by goblins so they don't know they are fairies and mighty when holding hands with a gargoyle.
-Goblins want to take over the world and their next step is through entertainment in which Beth is an actor wannabe. Trent is a partner in Grotesque, like Deke and the other ones. Of course, Trent is a gargoyle.
-Like the other books, there is a lot of repeated information. Like when Trent keeps thinking he wasn't ready to reveal himself to anyone, including Beth (6+times). It does get old since the stories are so short (<125 pages each).
-Why didn't Trent change and get Beth when she was taken by the goblin? He didn't even follow her, so Tex had to track her somehow.
-I loved the story. I liked how Trent and Beth met and how the dialogues went. I also understood the sub-title (but not the title. Who did he defend?).

Rene's Reads:

 "The fight continues."

Beth and Trent join together when the threat appears. How are they going to help the team defeat the enemy? They conquer their battle but the threat remains to the world. Can't wait to see how it ends. Kinda worried we may not get there...


 "Action, danger and intrigue."

Stone Defender is the third book in Chris Redding’s Gargoyles in Uniform series and the story is packed with action and danger while the ongoing battle between the Gargoyles and Goblins contniues, and the heroic paranormals who endeavour to protect an innocent and unknowing human race. I enjoyed this story and look forward the next instalment in the series and to discover more about this unusual and captivating beings.

Dorothy S.:

 "Protective Caregiver."

Beth is an ICU nurse, and part-time actress. She wants to generate donations to purchase a building for the Downtown Players, and is disappointed when her parents turn her down. Trent, coowner of Grotesque, is interested in the same building, however, he has the necessary funds. They find themselves drawn together, and discover a conspiracy within the entertainment industry. I especially enjoyed that Trent was also a caregiver who protects.

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