Calling of a Gargoyle

Cursed in a time when magic ruled the world, now reanimated, Declan Foley must not only learn how modern times work, but how modern women work.

He must convince his fairy that she is one before they alone can defeat a goblin threatening both of them. With his brothers warning not to toy with her heart ringing in his ears, he embarks on a quest to win it instead.

Fiona Brady is not interested in romance despite being instantly attracted to Declan. The man could sound sexy reading a phone book. Her burning passion is her art. When a sponsor comes along who is willing to pay for her to paint, she jumps at the chance. Little does she know he’s the goblin who is set on killing her.

Declan must race time and conquer his own impulsiveness to save Fiona and himself before he is cursed to be in stone for another millennia.

This is Book #3 in the When Gargoyles Love Trilogy. 


Book Reviews

Susan C. Roberts :

"Held my interest until the end."

This book did not disappoint. I enjoyed finding out how the last gargoyle would find his fairy. I liked the story line and it held my attention to the end. I would love to follow their lives beyond finding each other.


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