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The Billionaire

Next Door

He licked his lips and then looked at hers. She resisted the urge to mirror his movements. He looked as if he wanted to kiss her. She held her breath because the idea of Penn kissing her sounded like a good one. She wouldn't resist, but would she regret it when they were done? Life was short and she should probably encourage him. 


Penn Wharton, a former cop, is due to take over his family’s company since his father’s death, and now he needs some time to think about his life. He discovers the remnants of a murder near his house and catches a glimpse of a woman, then follows the trail to a seedy part of town where Brooke Madison, a romance writer, lives. Penn rents the apartment next to her to watch over her because he knows the assassin will show up eventually and the police can’t protect her. But when real feelings start to develop between them, can he keep them both safe?

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