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Destiny of a Gargoyle

Donal Foley was born in a time when magic ruled the Earth. 

Gargoyles protected fairies from goblins. His family was a group of elite gargoyles who were assigned to protect a specific fairy. His father’s dereliction of that duty cursed his sons to become stone and wait.
Now reawakened in the twenty first century where no one believes in magic how is he going to convince his fairy that she is one and that she is in danger from a goblin? 

He must do that without falling in love with her. 

This is Book #1 in the When Gargoyles Love Trilogy. 

Book Reviews

Ahmari Das 

"Best book by this author so far!"

Wonderful story line, very original and well written. The lead role was endearing and engaging while attempting to protect his fairy, who doesn’t believe him, or in magic in this modern world. A true love story with delightful paranormal/fantasy elements that make it a great read. My favorite book by Chris Redding so far! I look forward to the rest of the series.

Kindle Customer:


Great story. Enjoyed reading it.

Deb O.:


I loved this book Destiny of a Gargoyle (When Gargoyles Love Book 1) the first in Chris Redding's series and It's a great read with plenty of action, suspense, danger, intrigue, mystery, twist, turns, adventure, drama, danger, enemies, survival, humor, secrets, surprises, family, anger, friends, fear, pain, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, protection, magic, threats, tension, turmoil, arrogance, annoyance, chaos, frustration, determination, patience, happiness, passion, hot alpha male with a great romance and love. I loved watching Donal and Meg they were a perfect match and you will love them to. It's a entertaining feel good story that I loved.

Marie Brown:

"Love these gargoyles!"  

Gargoyles are quickly becoming one of my favorite PN creatures especially in the romance department! This is a great introduction into Chris Redding's When Gargoyles Love series. Its sexy and soulful and full of life with awesome characters and a very nicely written plot!

Irene Talbert:

"Love this book!"  

This is the first book in a series called When Gargoyles Love. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery secrets, surprises, family, anger, friends/friendships, fear, pain, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, protection, magic, threats, tension, turmoil (emotional), arrogance, annoyance, chaos, frustration, determination, patience, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.
In this book, we have the first of three gargoyle brothers who must focus their attention on the woman who come into their lives. He has to protect his human/fairy from a goblin who wants her magic.

A. Llew:

"Awesome story."  

I think I'm reeeeeally going to love this series!
Insta-love certified with a love affair that will leave everyone begging for more.
Great storyline with a few plot twists to keep it from being like all the others.

This book comes with a HEA thats sugary sweet, and some steamy scenes to melt your E-reader.


"Great story."  

This is the story of Meg and Donal. He is a gargoyle waiting for the fairy he is bound to guard to come to him and stay for a day so he can take his human form. Meg is his fairy but she doesn’t know it. How will he convince her that she is one and his mission to protect her from the danger she’s in? Can he accomplish this without falling in love with her too? I enjoyed this entertaining story and look forward to the next one. 

Customer Kristine:

"Short story."  

Very entertaining story. Loved the storyline and the characters were fun and engaging when they meet for the first time. The plot was easy to follow and I loved that it was a quick read that made my day brighter

The first book in the When Gargoyles Love series a well written story with a very good storyline. Donal Foley was turned into a Gargoyle to sit on a church and would not become human again until his fairy found him. Enter Meg Boyle who does not know she is a fairy. This story has suspense, drama, danger, an evil goblin, and romance. I want to read the next book.

Emily Pennington:

"Protecting his fairy."  

Donal Foley grumbled and cursed his father as he went to see the Queen of the Fairies. He dreaded telling her his father, Seamus Foley, a man prone to drink, had deflowered a fairy and she was now carrying his child. As the oldest son, Donal would be relieving his father of his head guard duties. But the Queen instead said, since she could not punish Seamus himself – who had already been banished – she would instead punish his 3 sons (who had nothing to do with it). Therefore, the Foleys will no longer guard the fairies. In addition, they are cursed to remain in stone at the church until a fairy they are supposed to protect comes to them. They will have to be with them for a day before they will become alive again. The fairy will come to them when they will be in danger and, if they fail to save them from the danger, they will be returned to stone again. So only their own special fairy or her offspring would be able to save them. It sounded impossible to Donal.

Meg Boyle liked looking out at the ocean from the old church. She talked to the gargoyles, especially the one in the middle who seemed to be listening to her. In her mind, she thought of him as Donal, an Irish name without the ‘d’. The gargoyles had watched what had happened to the fairies they had been born to protect. They’d died off and somewhere along the line the fairies had forgotten who they were. Donal was certain that Meg had no idea who she was.

When Meg’s new boss told her she had to come home immediately, she was upset. She went to the church to talk to her gargoyle friends about her not getting the promotion and having to come home. She did not see Donal rocking on the ledge to drop into her huge bag she left on the ground. When he fell, the statue was small and landed inside her purse. If he could stay with her a day so he could take a human form, he could explain to her. What waited for them back in her home, though? Things were not right, and her new boss would not tell her anything at all until she was back.

Now reawakened where no one believes in magic anymore, how is he going to convince his fairy, Meg Boyle, that she is one and that she is in danger from a goblin? And even more important, how can he do that without falling in love with her?

Liz Burke:

"Best Gargoyle Romance."  

After being released from his stone prison by his fairy Donal now just to convince her that she really is a fairy and he really is a gargoyle and he is sworn to protect her from goblins. This is the first in the series and it is a great first story with a HEA. This story is a stand alone. I always enjoy reading Chris Redding stories.

Katherine J.:

"Short fun read.  

This is a short fun read. I love that it starts in Ireland which is the land of magic. Fairies and gargoyles are the best. The young woman does not know she is a fairy and finds it hard to believe until her and her gargoyle get together to kick the goblins behind. I loved it and look forward to others, there are 3 brothers after all.

Avid Reader:

"Enjoyable read."  

This is a new author to me but I liked the sound of the book. It did not disappoint. The 3 Foley brothers are Gargoyle shifters but due to a crime committed by their father against the Fairies they are cursed to remain as stone gargoyles on a remote Irish Church not visible to humans. They remain stone until they meet their true love who will be a fairy who will only appear once they are in danger. Then it is a race against time to save them. The first book set the scene and introduced all the characters and charted the eldest brother meeting his destined fairy. Lots of action, humour, Goblins, Gargoyles, Fairies, family and romance. A fun short book.


"Entertaining read."  

I liked this story. The concept was fun and the two main characters were fun to watch as they meet for the first time in person. It was a cute read that made me laugh. The writing and plot were easy to follow and I liked that the story was a quick read and light hearted. The conflict in the story and that will show up in the series was interesting too. Will be fun to see what happens next. Liked the easy feel to the story and that it was easy to picture what was happening. Just a feel good story.

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