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Kindle Reader:


Deb O.:


Marie Brown:

"Love these gargoyles!"  

Irene Talbert:

"Love this book!"  

A. Llew:

"Awesome story."  


"Great story."  

Customer Kristine:

"Short story."  

Emily Pennington:

"Protecting his fairy."  

Liz Burke:

"Best Gargoyle Romance."  

Katherine J.:

"Short fun read." 

Avid Reader:

"Enjoyable read."  


"Entertaining read."  

Barbara James:

"Entertaining read."

Susan C. Roberts :

"Interesting characters"


"Destiny of a Gargoyle."

Nicole Normand:

"Best book out of three."

Suzanne Irving :

"Gargoyle meets fairy."

Booklover1990 :

"The perfect read."


"Interesting story."

Arch_Angel :

"Short, fun and entertaining."

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