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"Alchemy and Old Spice"

will soon be coming your way

Arsenic and Old Lace meets Birdcage. What is a niece to do when a spell her uncles did went wrong and killed a man. And she's visiting with her homicide detective husband.

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Enjoy the BOOK!

Denise Speckhardt

‘One Wild ride of laughs!’  

Robert Goodman:

‘Morbidly whimsical and thoroughly enjoyable!’ 

Monica L. Hu:

‘Entertainment in Alchemy and Old Spice’  

Arsenic and Old Lace has been one of my long time favorite plays full of misunderstandings and deceptions. Bird Cage (La Cage au Faux) is a hilarious comedy of men wanting to be normal parents to their son. To mix two hysterical comedies like this is ingenious and make one very funny story. Once you start reading you will not put it down until the end.

This is a great read and can be the perfect little extra gift for someone else. Makes the great little "pick me up" to relax to when our real life crushes us.

This story is filled with a fantastic cast of characters that truly are characters. Two uncles who love their niece and would do anything for her, yet extend their "kindness" to others out to the community. Meeting Their niece's husband for the first time, an extremely perceptive detective, wanting to make a good impression. One thing leads to another and before you know it ..... Well you will have to read and find out.

Chris Redding's unashamedly derivative work is whimsical dance through the familiar and, somewhat new, twist on an old story. Within the setting of Arsenic and Old Lace she creates in this short story memorable characters who are witty by way of their reaction to the unfolding of the unexpected results of a spell gone bad. These responses fold into one another in quick fashion to create a tale that is both whimsical and entertaining for the reader. Well worth a good read on a rainy day!

Everyone loves a good story and this one entertains us with a different spin on a well loved one "Arsenic and Old Lace". The characters in "Alchemy and Old Spice" come to life and lift off the page in a tale of hilarious situations. The Uncles are great and I'm also drawn to Aunt Martha. Between these three we are kept wondering, what next! Enjoyed the read!

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