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(Stone Warriors Book 1)

Protect the vulnerable.

It has been the Stone Warriors’ motto since their inception. When a single mother gets caught in the middle of a turf war, Gideon must protect Nellie and her son. Too bad he forgot to protect his heart. The first book in a new series featuring a gargoyle motorcycle club.

The Gargoyles in Uniform Series


the final installment in the 

Gargoyles in Uniform series

Stone Sentinel

(Gargoyles in Uniform Book Five)

Control education, control the population.


Dani is a college professor who has spent her whole career debunking conspiracy theories. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s been a pawn for the goblins’ plan of world domination until she meets an actual supernatural creature.


Ben has made a living from conspiracy theories. Too bad he didn’t know how deep they went. Now his choice is to reveal himself to the world as a gargoyle or risk losing his fairy.

Haven't read Books One through Four?

A secret pop-up nightclub could be the story that will launch Society Page reporter Whitney to the news desk. Standing in her way is Deke who she follows to the nightclub.

When a dead body literally drops at her feet, Deke, a man with a past, has to take Whitney on the run. No more simple life for him. No more story for her.

Until they realize how deep the story goes. And that fate may have other plans for them.

This case is her last chance to prove herself as a social worker. Then the boy goes missing.

Determined to find him for professional as well as personal reasons, Maggie O’Grady enlists the help of Kel Halloway a man who has special skills and many connections.

Their quest leads them from the halls of juvenile court to the upper echelons of Philadelphia government and they uncover a secret no one wants to talk about.

Kel has been thinking this was a case of a runaway boy, but now he knows that there is a more sinister edge and he must help Maggie find the boy before he is gone forever.

Control the narrative, control the society.

When an actress discovers goblins have taken over the entertainment industry for nefarious purposes, she turns to a gargoyle to help her eradicate the industry. The gargoyle, despite not wanting ties to anyone, finds himself part of a team protecting the actress while finding her attractive.

Control the food, control the population.


A food scientist discovers an odd ingredient in food she is testing. Before she can let on about her findings, her lab is overrun with what seems like animal rights protestors. No animal testing is done at the facility making her suspicious. A bodyguard saves her life and she wonders if there is more to him than she thought possible in her scientific world. She prepares for her mind to be opened to many possibilities she never thought possible.


Stone Protector

(Tex's Story)

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When Gargoyles Love  Trilogy

in a Boxed Set

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Half gargoyle, half fairy Aileen Foley has never fit into either world. She’s spent her life separated from humans and would like to keep it that way.


Along comes Tex, a human who disregards the walls she’s put up. But when she is assigned to protect his sister and the pair stumble on a plot by goblins to take over the world she can’t deny that being a part of something bigger than herself feels pretty good.


When her assignment is done and the bad guy is defeated, will she succumb to what Tex has to offer? A place in a family. Her relationship with Tex will only last as long as the assignment.


Her past just may destroy whatever they’ve built.

Book #3 in the

When Gargoyles Love  Trilogy

Cursed in a time when magic ruled the world, now reanimated, Declan Foley must not only learn how modern times work, but how modern women work.

He must convince his fairy that she is one before they alone can defeat a goblin threatening both of them. With his brothers warning not to toy with her heart ringing in his ears, he embarks on a quest to win it instead.

Fiona Brady is not interested in romance despite being instantly attracted to Declan. The man could sound sexy reading a phone book. Her burning passion is her art. When a sponsor comes along who is willing to pay for her to paint, she jumps at the chance. Little does she know he’s the goblin who is set on killing her.

Declan must race time and conquer his own impulsiveness to save Fiona and himself before he is cursed to be in stone for another millennia.

Book #2 in the

When Gargoyles Love Trilogy 

Rejected by his fairy.

In a time when magic ruled the Earth, gargoyles and fairies signed a truce and gargoyles became the protectors of the fairy realm. Cursed into stone by the actions of his father, gargoyle Sean Foley is now animated in the twenty first century and must protect sharp, inner-city lawyer Colleen Connelly. If he doesn’t join forces with her the goblin will kill her and Sean will be turned back to stone to wait possibly centuries to find her again. How can he convince her that he isn’t the threat and that she is a mystical being?

Book #1 in the

When Gargoyles Love Trilogy 

Donal Foley was born in a time when magic ruled the Earth. 

Gargoyles protected fairies from goblins. His family was a group of elite gargoyles who were assigned to protect a specific fairy. His father’s dereliction of that duty cursed his sons to become stone and wait.

Now reawakened in the twenty first century where no one believes in magic how is he going to convince his fairy that she is one and that she is in danger from a goblin? 

He must do that without falling in love with her. 

Other Books

Behr Brothers Trilogy 

Boxed Set


You've Got Bear

He already dated his fated mate and they couldn’t make it work.

Wyatt Behr is the last of the Behr Brothers without a mate. He knows who she is, but she rejected him and left his heart broken in pieces. Now she’s back and is in competition with him for business. She can steal his customers but he isn’t sure he can let her steal his heart again. If he doesn’t find a way to heal from his past, he won’t have much of a future living alone in the woods.

Fiona Franklin is the new kid in town and out to prove herself, not only to the town, but to her ex Wyatt. She must resist his charms long enough to show him that she doesn’t really need him. Too bad she really does.

This is Book #3 in the Behr Brothers Trilogy. 


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"You've Got Bear"

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Bringing Up Bear

His fated mate is a single mom?

Caleb Behr meets his mate. She is the mother of a little boy that he is coaching. He’s never heard of someone’s mate already having children so it takes Caleb some time to understand. But how can he convince the single mother that he is the right man for her when she has been burned in the past?

Melinda Leight doesn’t have time for romance and she isn’t willing to bring just any man into her son’s life. Falling in love wasn’t on her agenda either, but somehow Caleb has found his way into her heart. He wants to take care of her. But will this fiercely independent woman let him stay there?


This is Book #2 in the Behr Brothers Trilogy


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"Bringing Up Bear"

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When Hairy Met Sally

He must find his fated mate or be exiled from the den.


What I thought was going to be a routine fix of a porch netted me my fated mate. She was stuck in a broken step when I arrived. It didn’t take me long to be smitten with her, but she wasn’t interested. If I don’t convince her that we were made for each other then I get to live my alone in the woods.


The last thing I needed was a man in my life. I’d just extricated myself from an abusive relationship. I just wanted to fix up my bed and breakfast and get it running. But he was relentless. He fixed everything. Including my broken heart.

Then my ex returned and I figured my life was over.

This is Book #1 in the Behr Brothers Trilogy


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"When Hairy Met Sally"

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Blonde Demolition



What if you’ve made a safe, easy life for yourself but your dangerous past has caught up with you? Mallory Sage, a former investigator with Homeland Security, has a home she loves, friends and is very important in the local volunteer fire company. Her life is secure and she is liked by everyone around her. 


When she discovers a bomb at her firehouse she realizes her past is about to make a reappearance.What if you had a second chance to fix the biggest mistake of your life? Trey McCrane, currently with Homeland Security, let the only woman he ever loved and the best partner he had, leave him. He never knew why and angry with her, he never followed her.

But now he needs her for a case, the last case they did together that has now be reopened.  The case that he feels tore them apart. Can he get her to believe he is a forever kind of guy?


A View to a Nerd


Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day. When a wise-cracking interior decorator wants to put her past behind her, the dead body of the mayor’s son makes it pretty clear that won’t happen too easily. A conservative former computer geek for the FBI is holding on too tightly to his past. His wife died under suspicious circumstances and he believes the decorator has the information to solve the case. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t talking… until a series of events convinces her she needs protection especially when her biggest secret threatens to destroy both their lives.


This is Book #2 in the Nerds Saving the World Series. 


License to Nerd


Madison West appears on Peter Quincy’s doorstep as expected, when her husband, Charlie, disappears. Peter had been her husband’s best man and had promised to take care of Madison if something happened to him. Neither Madison nor Peter are what they seem, but will their lies to each other to save the world, instead fail to save them from each other?


This is Book #1 in the Nerds Saving the World Series

Which Exit Angel

She's a homicide detective and an angel who hasn't earned her wings. She's sent down to investigate a murder at the Jersey Shore. He's a preacher questioning his faith. How are these two supposed to stop the impending apocalypse?


What if your past came back to haunt you?

Chelsea James, captain of the Biggin Hill First Aid Squad, has had ten years to mend a broken heart and forget about the man who'd left her hurt and bewildered. Ten years to get her life on track. But fate has other plans.

Fire Inspector Jake Campbell, back in town after a decade, investigates a string of arsons, only to discover they are connected to the same arsons he'd been accused of long ago. Now his past has come back to haunt him, and Chelsea is part of that past.

Together, Chelsea and Jake must join forces to defeat their mutual enemy. Only then can they hope to rekindle the flames of passion. But before they can do that, Chelsea must learn to trust again. Their lives could depend on it.

Corpse Whisperer

She has to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet. 


A paramedic who can talk to dead people to crack their murders will lose her power on her rapidly approaching 30th birthday. She has one more crime to figure out before that can happen.

Alchemy and Old Spice

Arsenic and Old Lace meets Birdcage. What is a niece to do when a spell her uncles did went wrong and killed a man. And she's visiting with her homicide detective husband.

Along Came Pauly

A contemporary romance about a dog that brings two people together who don't want to be. She's a vegetarian veterinarian who needs cash for a no-kill shelter. He's the heir to a hot dog fortune who must give away money before he gains his inheritance. Sounds like a perfect match. It isn't.


This is book #1 in the Dog Matchmaker Series.

The Drinking Game

A homicide detective and an FBI profiler must join forces to track down a serial killer. Too bad the detective just wants to retire and the profiler is on medical leave. While fighting crime they fight their growing attraction for each other.

Confessions (Volume 1)

Three short stories about people making changes in their lives. An artist finds her muse. A widow learns how to make New Year’s Eve special again. A battered woman trusts again..